Moleskine, my other love

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I am one of those people who thinks Moleskine journals are the greatest journals ever. The paper has the most perfect texture, they are a nice portable size and have durable covers. I recently discovered that Moleskine has a new journal line out, one of which is a recipe journal. I think I was as excited as anyone can be over a journal when I heard of them. I set out on a mission around town checking out all the retailers I knew that may have the new journals. One said they had just recieved a shipment but upon checking the stock room found they had already sold out earlier that day. With a wee bit of hesitation I ended up ordering a couple online.

My journals came today, well yesterday now given the time I am posting this. I am in love. I can wait to put together my scrapbook-esque collection of recipes. I’ll be sure to email my mom for some more of the family favorites. I am excited to use it as it will play more to my artistic side which has been rather neglected over the past while.

My only complaint so far is there is no tab labeled for baking or bread, nor is it included in any of the pre-printed stickers to relabel the tabs. It does come with a nice couple pages of conversions that I find I often need, especially when getting recipes from a variety of sources online. Switching between metric and imperial is hard for my brain that only know metric, except for cups, tablespoons, teaspoons.


~ by danasaur82 on 02/25/2010.

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