Yesterday’s Brunch


I planned a quiet little brunch yesterday after finding more recipes to try. Bacon wrapped eggs with polenta and jalapeño-cheddar scones, which taste more like a biscuit to me but oh well.

I had some jalapenos that came from my tiny balcony garden that I needed to use up. I came across the recipe from Smitten Kitchen on at least two or three other food blogs in the past two weeks so I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and give it a try myself. The fact that these are freezable prior to the baking stage appealed to me because I can never eat a whole batch of anything on my own. Pulling out a few to bake as needed is perfect. These would be great with a soup on a cold rainy day, such as it is here today.

The eggs I found fun to make. I seem to be attracted to recipes that require a wrapping things or have various step that can be done ahead of time. This is one of the Top 100 from bon appetit, over at which two bloggers have put together a fun project of cooking their way through each recipe. I enjoy seeing the magazine photo with each of the bloggers versions mostly because my camera lacks that magazine quality ability, that and an extreme lack of good lighting in my cave of an apartment.

I think both of these start to finish took me about 1 hour. I am starting to get better at my timing of making multiple things within limited time and space. Two feet of counter space is for cooking and the only other two feet is for dirty dishes to pile up. I slowly cooked the bacon in the oven, as I find I can cook a lot more with more consistency this way. I made a full pot of polenta so I could have left overs, as I was only making brunch for two, not 8. I used some black truffle salt to give is a hint of truffle taste, yum. That salt is becoming a good friend of eggs at my house.


~ by danasaur82 on 11/06/2009.

One Response to “Yesterday’s Brunch”

  1. That looks super delicious! Great job! Totally jealous of your food creating abilities, and now I have a craving for eggs…

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