Eggs for Breakfast

I had a phase when I hated eggs and when I ate them I felt ill and had a horrible headache after. That was followed by a vegetarian phase of a few years in which I reintroduced them into my life because I was a starving student and they were a decent cheap protein. It was during that time as a student I did some home care with my friend’s fabulous grandpa. I didn’t really know how to cook much of anything at the time, or at least not much of anything that we would both eat so when I was there we kept food pretty simple. I learned two delicious things from our time together, gin in my tomato soup and coddled eggs.

I live on a street lined with several antique shops and browse them every now and then for anything that looks interesting. I am a fan of vintage costume jewelery and well aged kitchen gadgets. I found a cute little porcelain egg coddler on one such adventure. I was pleased with myself that day because it was a small fraction of the cost of buying one new. The only new one’s I have seen around her are at least $40. For eggs I think not.

Actually getting down to making them is pretty standard. Boil a pot of water, the level should come about half way up the coddlers. Butter the cup, crack in room temperature eggs, top with heavy cream, salt, pepper and today I tossed on some fresh rosemary. Find fresh eggs for this, something strange happens with the whites when they are not fresh enough. The time it takes to cook is dependent on how runny you want your eggs. I like hard eggs but today I went the proper route and had them runny. My cup holds two eggs so for me that was about 7 minutes. The eggs mixed with the cream taste delicious. Another meal my future cardiac surgeon will thank me for no doubt.


~ by danasaur82 on 11/03/2009.

3 Responses to “Eggs for Breakfast”

  1. OOOOH, I had better not show your Coddle Egg to Moe or I’ll know what he will want for breakfast. Coddle Eggs have always been a favourite of his. Love the little butterfly.


  2. He quit drinking gin!

  3. I hear what your saying on the eggs and the upset stummy. I know I have it almost immediately. Is there another protein substitute for the egg idea? Just curious! I would like another alternative. What would you suggest?

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