Salmon Wellington


Flu season is upon us and due to my high exposure to all sorts of infectious things at work I like to try and give my immune system a natural boost. Salmon has a pretty high amount of vitamin D and as it turns out I like eating it as well. Vitamin D apparently helps fight off those invasive illness causing things in our bodies. I seem to be on a bit of a pastry kick this month so I made salmon wellington this evening for dinner.

I decided not to make my own puff pastry because it seemed rather time consuming and I was counting on a more fool proof dinner. Puff pastry is rather inexpensive to by frozen so I took that option today. Luckily I thought of what I was going to cook for dinner early enough it the day so I could let it thaw. I am sure I’ll give making the pastry myself a try eventually.

I have had salmon wellington a few times at restaurants and quite enjoyed it. I found a recipe on my favorite recipe site epicurious which can be found here. I pretty much followed it exactly this time around, although several reviewers commented on adding Boursin cheese and a few found the sauce too acidic. I’ll say the sauce was a wee bit acidic for my taste buds but I tend to like a vinegar taste. I’ll probably try a Savagnin Blanc next time instead of a Chardonnay that I used this time, maybe a wee bit more wine and a wee bit less vinegar. The whole white wine reduction was unfamiliar to me in the first place so I am pleased it was edible.

As a side I steamed some broccoli and sauteed them with some toasted almonds in brown butter. Broccoli being one of my favorite green vegetables and also one of those good for you veggies. The brown butter may not be so healthy, but all things in moderation right? I was a bit skimpy on the butter for the salmon and pastry made up for more healthy dose of fat. Now I am stuffed full of flu fighting goodness.


~ by danasaur82 on 10/29/2009.

7 Responses to “Salmon Wellington”

  1. Ohhh. You will have to make this when I come down in December. I am bringing 2 salmon with me!

  2. Looks absolutely devine, nicely done! (showoff;) I am going to have to try this

  3. Dana, it is so nice to drop by your blog and see the wonderful meals you are cooking for yourself. Everything tastes great wrapped in puff pastry. Your salmon looks delicious. And just so you know, once you have made puff pastry, once is enough. It is a PITA. I haven’t bothered to make puff pastry in years. I always cheat and use store bought puff pastry.

  4. You’re super talented. Serious.

  5. Ditto, tallented, young, beautiful.. Time to expand… let’s start with a tallented cookie/ wine drinking Xmas exchange!

  6. Janna – Yes, bring me your salmon and I’ll make this for you. It will be like a family affair. Maybe we should get some of the farming family to send out some wheat and make flour too, lol.

    Carole – Thanks. I am looking forward to sharing cookies and wine.

    Ann – Thanks for your encouragement. Your blog is truly an inspiration.

    Vesper – 🙂 I’ll have to find some tasty gluten free things to try. I’ve just come across a very interesting take on brownies.

  7. This is all making me sooo hungry. The salmon looks double delicious 🙂

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