From the box

It was cold here this morning when I took my dog out for her morning walk. My teeth chattered and geese were flying away south overhead. I needed to bake myself some cool weather comfort food. I had thought about getting a start on my birthday cheesecake but decided I’ll leave that for tomorrow, so it is more fresh the next day. Brownies today. And no I didn’t buy a mix in a box and add oil and eggs or whatever it is that those boxes call for.
Sometimes I think the recipes on packages are just there to encourage you to buy more of a company’s product, but the folks at Hershey actually have a pretty decent brownie recipe. I think it is moist and sweet enough without the mounds of chocolate butter cream they add on so I omit that part. I don’t like the Hershey cocoa powder so I guess their putting recipes on the package to make me buy things failed this time. It is freely available on the internet anyway. Personally I like Valrhona cocoa but do to its price tag and its difficulty to find I usually settle for something easier to find. I had some Ghirardelli in the pantry so that made the cocoa part easy. Hershey chips were on sale today so they won that round, although a really good bar of chocolate cut up into small chunks, or even a white chocolate would be delicious in these.

I was good and only had one spoonful of the gooey batter before baking them. My home is warm and smells of chocolate now. I’ll have to pack up a bunch to share at work tonight. I’d be eating these for every meal if I didn’t share.


~ by danasaur82 on 10/25/2009.

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