Some like it hot!

Spice is good and hot sauce is my friend. Sadly I only have three kinds of hot sauce in my cupboard right now. Looking on the brighter side on my lack of hot thinks in the cupboard I have freshly grown hot things. My balcony gets direct morning sunshine which limits the types of things I can grow as they must stand up the the blazing heat of the sun bouncing off a wall of glass. Tomatoes and peppers seemed like the obvious choice this year. I harvested all the ripe red ones and hung them up for storage and drying purposes. I anticipate they will make their way into a few pots of chili and probably some sort of stir-fry dish as well. In the foreground of the photo is cayenne and behind that is red hot chilies.


I haven’t made a pot of chili myself in such a long time, I almost forget where to start. I’m not really one to use a recipe for chili but my task for today is scouring the blogs and foodie sights for some inspiration and maybe some new variations.


~ by danasaur82 on 10/08/2009.

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