Baking a baguette


I felt like some carb-loaded delicious bread today. I live within walking distance to some amazing bakeries but took a look at my bank account and decided that walking a few blocks and paying about $7 for the loaf of my dreams just wasn’t worth it today. If I had planned on eating the bread with something other than several grams of butter smeared and melted into the airy bubbles I may have made a different choice. Time to try making something else new.

I made bread and buns with my mom on occasion as a small child. Being a bossy child I decided one day we would make butter from cream for that bread (Too much work for butter!). I admit I haven’t tried to make a loaf of anything since my bread machine met its death well over a year ago. I wasn’t too happy about the pizza dough it was kneading and jumped off the counter, smashing into several pieces. Well, that is not entirely true about not making bread since, I did make a few batches of bagels after my partner brought over some bagels his mom made. They turned out well so making other types of bread isn’t too far off the same idea, right!?

A quick baguette recipe was found and proved to be a good start. Quick in the sense I didn’t have to wait for it to rise overnight and quick in that I was eating my baguette for lunch with a few fresh tomatoes. Does anyone have any tips for not getting sore arms from kneading? In all honesty it was only about 10 minutes, maybe a bit less, but can you say lactic acid burn? More yoga time will be needed to strengthen these little bread making pipes.

After kneading and rising and punching my dough down once more I shaped it into a long lovely baguette shape. Oh no! My oven is one of those tiny apartment size ovens so I had to sort of squish in and shove it in there on a diagonal with a bit of an incline angle. I’ll probably make two slightly smaller shorter loaves next go round.

Baking and cooled I remembered to take a few quick photos before slathering with butter and shoving it into my mouth in rather large pieces. For the record I live alone and my eating manners are only observed by my dog and cat when no one else is here…and they are not always manners that reflect how my parents taught me. I blame my noes and stomach for getting so excited about trying the bread in a hurry.

*photo by danasaur82*


~ by danasaur82 on 10/01/2009.

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