The first crème brûlée

I purchased one of those kitchen torches in the spring with hopes of learning how to make crème brûlée. It then sat in my pantry area in its plastic packaging until last week. I had been in a somewhat foul mood and decided that spending my money on some items for my kitchen would make me happy and give me something to do. Creating and experimenting with things in my kitchen makes me happy, even when it turns out to be rather inedible. I had two good size porcelain ramekins, but was going to need some more for this cooking adventure. I ended up getting a set of four rather large ones because I didn’t want to pay what price of the tiny ones to match my current two.

First part of my crème brûlée making experiment required my expert research skills, thanks to some my post secondary education I both have and enjoy said skills. I browser through my tiny cookbook collection and then quickly moved my search to google. I read through several, I’d say 20 total, recipes of different flavors and variations reading tips, tricks and ratings. Epicurious has rarely failed in providing me with a clear recipe and feedback from others with various cooking skills. I picked the most popular one, ginger vanilla, but omitted the ginger in favor of a more classic vanilla taste. It may not be exactly what I had in mind but it would most likely get eaten.

I simmered, cooled, whisked, baked and flamed my wonderful trio of ramekins. Tasty! My custard was a bit thicker than I had wanted it to be in the middle, but I gather that is how it was supposed to turn out. Sadly we ate almost the whole thing before I remembered to take a proper photo of it. So until next time I can only leave you with the memory of creamy vanilla custard and a crisp burnt sugar crust.


~ by danasaur82 on 09/29/2009.

One Response to “The first crème brûlée”

  1. Taking a picture would have wasted valuable eating time. 😉

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